The British super model, Cara Delevingne, whose every post on social media causes an online frenzy has chosen to become an ambassador for Tag Heuer. The special edition, Tag Heuer Carrera 41 mm replica watches, designed for Cara Delevingne is part of the Tag Heuer Carrera collection.

The Tag Heuer Carrera replica  elegant case comes with faceted lugs, the clear, highly legible dial are in stark contrast to its entirely black and charcoal grey treatment and diamond-studded bezel. The Tag Heuer Carrera replica watches is feminine, chic and charming. Its hour markers and hands are rose gold-plated. What's more, the watch featuring the aged black calfskin strap, inside of the strap bears the signature of the star herself in rose gold. The back of the case is stamped with the majestic head of a lion.