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Hublot’s lavish piece from the MP-06 is truly a decadent piece that represents the most luxury and affluence. It is yet another of the models that melds high-end watchmaking with upper-scale jewelry, which is immediately recognizable. This replica  men’s watch is completely covered with baguette diamonds which are set all over its gold case and some sections of its fine movement, as well as all over its clasp.

The bezel, and the case-band which are made of the Hublot patented gold alloy with polish finish are virtually covered with shiny stones. There is exactly 412 white diamonds on the housing which weigh somewhere around 28.33 carats. swissmovement. The movement with a tourbillion cage which is held in place with a blackened titanium bridge operates at lower frequency of 21,600 vph which is usual for this type of calibers.  Once fully wound, it has quite the extensive power reserve which keeps the watch running for 120 hours which is equivalent to five entire days.  The caliber is exposed from both sides of the case.

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